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Pinot Noir

Growing and production of Pinot Noir in Australia lies mainly within the domain of small producers.

Pinot Noir is generally fragrant and lighter – transparent in colour compared to the dense impenetrable and darker colours of other red wines including Shiraz and Cabernets.

Well balanced Pinots have the ability to age well for 5-10 years + with the exotic silky textures and aromas of strawberries and raspberries.

Decant, if you prefer, but just prior to serving.

Most importantly, serve the wine in a well designed ‘Burgundian’ style glass such as ‘Riedel Burgundy’ on Speigelau – giving the opportunity to enjoy this elegant wine to be enjoyed to its fullest.



Black tea and wlanut shells seem to add their dry, dark, woody aromas to this, the best barrel of Herbert's in 2006. Below these moody, slightly acrid topnotes there wells a bowl of beetroot, prune, raspberry and marello cherries. The palate's beautifully viscous.
Philip White - Drankster
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